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Looking to go Camping this weekend ? Give Our Reciprocal Host a call at



To contact treasurer call:  (1)-(260)-499-1443


Please like our Facebook page to get updated information about activities going on at the campground.

If you need any further assistance please feel free to send a message to the coordinator on Facebook.



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Want to Post Your Lot for Sale on the Website?

You can post your campsite on the GVBA Website for $10/year. If you would like, I will include a photo of your site to showcase it.  Please contact the Rick Long at

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Safety at Grand View Bend

Please do not put  limbs in the road way, we need to keep the roads as clear as possible
We will all be very busy this spring with clean up.
Thank You
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Things to Fix at the Campground – Need volunteers

Here are a few things that need to be addressed next year, please consider being a part of the group to get these accomplished:


• BATHHOUSES—painted
• PAVILION KITCHEN-updated and expanded
• TENNIS COURT-decide value

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For reservation call the reciprocal host at (574)-575-5927.sign

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Severe Weather at Grand View Bend

Severe Weather Safety at  Grandview Bend Howe Indiana ,

oh as many of us know it is that time again for severe weather, and sometimes most of us don’t have T.V. to watch while at the campground to keep an eye on the radar system. I have found this to be very helpful in assisting with weather safety while camping.
Click on the bar that says Get Weather Alerts Sent to your cell phone and follow the prompts.

I clicked on Elkhart County and Lagrange county

Let’s all stay safe this year.

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New Golf Cart Permits

The board voted last year to go to a two year golf cart permit. The fee (which goes to the road fund) is $15.00 for two years. All golf cart permits will start in January of the current year and expire in December of the next year. The blue stickers are the handicapped stickers, that will be issued if you need to drive onto the pond to fish (see sticker below).

This will make it much easier for the Golf Cart Coordinator (Sherry Kline, lot 182) to record and track permits. Up until April 14th the golf cart permits will be mailed back with your dues receipt. After that Sherry will be the person to see.

Following is what the new permits look like as well as the sleeve they are laminated in. If you choose to mount it, the yellow label in backk pulls off and is sticky

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Ways to contact us

574.220.9554 for Reciprocal camping

260.499.1443 for general questions

You can also contact us through the website or

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Check out our Main Bathhouse



Main Bathhouse

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Our In ground heated pool

Our pools are fenced in to help keep the swimming area in a clean and respectful manner for everyone. We have 2 in ground heated pools, one is for our younger swimmers and our much larger pool for the advanced swimmers. Our pool area is always kept clean for everyone to enjoy. We have plenty of pool furniture for everyone to sit on our concrete pool deck and soak up the sun. Not only do we have a time slot for our Adults to swim in the evening, but we have recently added an approved pool water bottle, that will be coming out early this spring.

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