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Looking to go Camping this weekend ? Give May a call at 1-574-575-5927 or                         1-260-499-1443.

All Lots for sale update to date Please give the owners a call to get more Info.

Thanks for stopping by Our web page. At this time the site is under construction,

We hope to have the everything up to date in a few weeks. To make a Reservation please

give the host a call at number listed. For all other info please check out our Facebook page

Grand View Bend Campground

Thanks GVB

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GVBA logo wear

signHave you got your logo wear yet?  See Sue Reynolds on lots 44-45.  She has some really awesosome and affordable products

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Log on to see what’s new

Don’t have a logon and password.  Contact your Secretary or send us a comment on “Speak your Mind” and the Secretary will get back with you.  This is a perk for GVBA lot owners.


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Check out our Main Bathhouse

Thank you to Bob and Carla Porter for the addition of our new shower curtains with the GVBA logo. Also thank you to Sue Reynolds, Bob Porter and anyone else who donated items to make our bathhouses more attractive.


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THANK YOU                   for grading the roads this last weekend and volunteering your time.   WOW what a difference!


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Logo items are now available!

 GVBA logo items are now available!

Sue Reynolds has graciously agreed to start a program where we can purchase items with the GVBA logo.  She has worked hard over the winter to have this ready for the campground at opening.

Look for posters and more information in the campground and on the website as we begin camping. 

THANK YOU      Sue for volunteering and all of your hard work.

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New Shower Curtains

As the campground opens and you use the restrooms, check out the new shower curtains as well as other new changes you will be seeing.

THANK YOU        Bob and Carla Porter for your wonderful donation.

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New Golf Cart Permits

The board voted last year to go to a two year golf cart permit. The fee (which goes to the road fund) is $15.00 for two years. All golf cart permits will start in January of the current year and expire in December of the next year. The blue stickers are the handicapped stickers, that will be issued if you need to drive onto the pond to fish (see sticker below).

This will make it much easier for the Golf Cart Coordinator (Sherry Kline, lot 182) to record and track permits. Up until April 14th the golf cart permits will be mailed back with your dues receipt. After that Sherry will be the person to see.

Following is what the new permits look like as well as the sleeve they are laminated in. If you choose to mount it, the yellow label in backk pulls off and is sticky

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