Rules for Grand View Bend


1. Campground Quiet Hours: all children should be at own campsite at 11:00 p.m. (State law is 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.)

2. Dogs or other animals must be restrained on owner’s lot (leash, chain or fenced). When walking dog in park, leash must be physically held by person walking dog. Dogs or other animals shall not be permitted to create a public nuisance (excessive barking or howling) or a health hazard. Owners must pick up feces.

3. All vehicles must observe the 10 mph speed limit in the park; this includes golf carts and scooters.   Pedestrians have the right of way!

4. Motorcyclists and gas moped drivers may enter the campground and proceed directly to their lot and leave in the same manner. No pleasure driving around the campground.

5. Multiple Wheeled Electric (golf carts, no gas carts allowed) Vehicles must have a permit.

a. Anything other than four-wheeled golf carts strongly discouraged.

b. Property owners or Reciprocal campers of each vehicle must have a signed GVBA Release of Liability form (this form is to release GVBA from any liability) and each vehicle must display a VALID identification sticker (permit). Reciprocal campers can get a temporary permit from the campground host.
c. All permits must be visible from the front of the cart.
d. Golf cart operators must have a valid driver’s license (those with learner permits must abide by the restrictions of the license and must be accompanied in the front seat by a licensed driver.)
e. Lot numbers at least 2 inches in height must be displayed on front and rear of vehicle (or on each side).
f. Lights on the front and rear of proper intensity must be operating after dark.
g. Vehicles may only carry 5 persons. Persons must remain seated. No standing on golf carts.
h. Golf carts must be operated on the roadways only, not on the grass or other pathways.
i. Golf carts with handicapped stickers are allowed on a designated path to the pond where parking area is defined. No driving around the pond. Golf carts are not to use the bicycle/walking path along the river.
j. Carts with handicapped stickers are allowed to park in front of the easy access bath house.
k. No speed contests.
l. Golf carts must not be left on any lot in an unsightly manner, e.g. tires removed, body removed, etc. Must be in good operating condition. If not in working condition, the cart must be removed from Grand View Bend.
m. Failure to abide by these regulations will result in corrective action taken by your Board of Directors.

6. Electric scooter operators must obey the same rules as golf cart operators. Anyone 15 and younger operating a battery powered scooter or power wheel type vehicle must be accompanied by a parent at all times; and if caught without a parent, the vehicle will be confined to the property owner’s lot. Scooters must be permitted and numbered. Permits must be visible on the back fender.


7. Per Indiana State Law, no alcoholic beverages allowed on community property without a law officer present. No one will be allowed on any community property appearing intoxicated, disorderly, or causing a public nuisance.

8. No food or drink of any kind is allowed in the pool area. No smoking in the pool area. Inner tubes, rafts, balls, etc. allowed in pool only when ten or less people are in the pool area to prevent hazards to the swimmers. No cut offs or street clothes allowed in the pool; swimming suits only (Note: a
tee-shirt may be worn over a bathing suit). No loitering in pool area. Per State regulations, children ages 13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult (18 yrs old) at all times. All persons entering the pool area must have a swim band displayed on their person at all times.

9. Anyone with guests or children causing disturbances or destruction of property will be responsible for damages.

10. All bicycles, scooters, and power wheel type vehicles must have front and rear lights in use after dark.

11. One For Sale sigh no longer than 12” x 12” may be placed in the window of a unit and 1 For Sale sign no larger than 12” x 12” may be placed on the lot for ease of viewing by passersby.





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