Rates and Information

We welcome camping club members from Coast to Coast, Passport America, Escapees, and Camp Club USA. The  rates for each club is listed below.

 Passport America   2 days @ $12.50 per day……$15.00 per day thereafter

Coast to Coast 7 days @ points ……$15.00 per day thereafter   If you are a Premier we will handle the billing with Coast to Coast direct.    (You would only be responsible for incidentals if there are any).

 Escapees   2 days @ $14.00 per day…..$15.00 per day thereafter

 Camp Club USA  2 days @ $12.50 per day…..$ 15.00 per day thereafter

Good Sam Club  $15.00 per day

No Affiliation $30.00 per day

Tent only  $20.00 per day

GVBA members     $20.00 per day   Tent only $15.00 per Day

50 Amp service $2.00 more per day

Camping club members are welcome to join in any of the activities GVBA has scheduled. Just check out the Activities link on the left side of this page, or for a paper schedule, Reciprocal camping Coordinator. Our guests find our reciprocal host to be very knowledgeable of our surrounding area. Our guests can pull in and pick any spot on the left hand side set up and start enjoying your stay at Grand View Bend right away. Our Host will be along shortly to check you in and take down all your information. All our guests are welcome to join in any event that is going on at Grand View Bend. Make sure you check our bulletin board at the front (both sides) which are located on the main playground across the road from your site or at the west end of the pool house. Our reciprocal host also have a brochure which they will gladly hand out to all our guests that list our local vendors in the area.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Grand View Bend Campground 🙂

Contact number for our reciprocal host at Grand View Bend is : 1-574-575-5927


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